You can walk into Kitchens of Diablo showroom with your blueprints in hand or with absolutely no idea where you want to start. Our staff provides an intimate level of service and patiently works with you to perfect every detail of your project, so that your dream envisioned becomes a reality.

Levels of Service

SILVER - Cabinetry Only

You provide us with the kitchen or bath design and we provide an accurate and timely quote on the cabinetry for your project. We guide you in selecting the door style, finish, as well as type of cabinet construction best suited for your project and budget. The cabinets are then ordered after we field verify your measurements and carefully review your appliance specifications. Once the order is placed we guarantee the accuracy and provide your installer detailed install notes. At the time of delivery we are there to check off the cabinets and answer any questions you might have pertaining to the cabinetry.

GOLD - Design & Cabinetry

We begin the process of creating a plan for your kitchen, bath or other space by visiting your home. We do a professional evaluation of the existing space, review your wish list, as well as a complete and accurate measure. We then formulate up to three plans for your review, viewed in 3D and color. After fine tuning the preferred plan, we then start the process of selecting and pricing the cabinets as defined above in the SILVER package.

PLATINUM – Design, Cabinetry & Construction

Our complete design/build package, which begins with the design process as outlined above in the GOLD package, and then before progressing into the SILVER package we bring in our General Contractor, Shawn Lober Construction, to inspect the jobsite and to prepare a complete estimate on your project. After accepting the scope of work, we then put into motion ordering all the products for you based on your selections or with our assistance. Then as scheduled we begin the project with sealing off the construction area from the rest of your home. All work on your home is done by highly qualified individuals mostly employed by us. As the construction is progressing your project is personally supervised, making sure everything runs smoothly. At the end of the project, we then send in our cleaning crew to make your home sparkle.

As a design/build firm, our range of services surpasses most other kitchen and bath showrooms. We can do more because our team includes not only Certified Designers but also a General Contractor with over 40 years of experience in the Diablo Valley area. Your project will be executed seamlessly from start to finish.