We are going nuts over Walnut!

15 November 2013

Our front kitchen display is getting updated this winter in a beautiful walnut wood species. We are excited about the introduction of walnut not as you would traditionally see it, but rather in rich gray stains. It gives it a weathered look. Speaking of weathered? Dura Supreme has launched their new weathered woods.

 The weathered wood cabinet and door finish comes in oak, cherry, & alder. The process involves using a wire brush to remove the softer sections of the wood leaving behind a hard weathered look. We have had a building demand for this look based on the "Industrial Rustic" look that has gained popularity because of Restoration Hardware. It combines worn and weathered wood mixed with metals. Adding a painted finish will soften the mix as well as upholstered furniture.

As always, stop into our showroom in Danville to see for yourself the new walnuts and weathered wood collection. Maybe it will be the look that inspires you to replace your old outdated kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

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